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(Only to be completed by a Licensed Veterinary Surgeon)
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This prescription is issued for animals under my care.      The medication is prescribed for administration under the cascade system where appropriate.
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If your vet wishes to use their own prescription stationery, please attach it to your order confirmation and send it to us.

RCVS Guide For Prescriptions
"Veterinary surgeons are encouraged to make their clients aware that veterinary medicines may be obtained on prescription from other suppliers, for example pharmacies, and should not unreasonably refuse to supply prescriptions if clients wish to purchase veterinary medicines from other suppliers."

How to use this form:
  1. Print and hand this form to your veterinary surgeon to complete
  2. Return this form along with your order confirmation to to us at:
    Paws247, 65 Ledbury Road, Peterborough, PE3 9RF
  3. The prescription may be verified with the hospital/clinic for the safety of your pet and to ensure accuracy.
  4. Your order will be processed and dispatched